February 13, 2013
Maize Trials Update
Download the attached pdf and see which Grainseed Maize Variety grows best in your area!

For the past ten years and more, Grainseed has been concentrating on developing a range of outstanding maize varieties, specifically suited to the UK climate and its growing conditions

These are known as our ‘Bred for Britain’varieties and since their introduction they have rewritten the rules on yield, energy and consistency of production. They’ve also made maize growing in areas previously thought too marginal, a reliable and cost-effective option.

We’ve also pioneered new ways of thinking about maize utilisation, conducted hundreds of acres of field trials and developed better ways of evaluating maize performance such as our Cob Ripeness Index.

A key element of our development programme is a series of trial sites at over 50 locations covering the whole of the UK’s maize growing area. These trials are run under farm conditions so we can see precisely how varieties perform in the field. Analysed at the Crop and Environment Research Centre (CERC) at Harper Adams University in Shropshire, these trials represent the UK’s largest field trials initiative with an unrivalled store of insight into maize production across a variety of situations.

This booklet focuses on results from the last three years of our trials programmes and highlights their key findings in eight individual regions together with comments from some of the growers taking part in the programme.

Maize Trials Update 2013 (8Mb)
February 06, 2013
Marginal varieties stake claim for better ground.
According to James Todd, an analysis of 50-plus UK trial sites from the last three years suggests most of us should be growing earlier, more robust maize varieties.

The following pages from the February edition of Dairy Farmer could help you plan your maize crop for 2013.

Dairy Farmer Feb 13 - 1 (2Mb)

Dairy Farmer Feb 13 - 2 (3Mb)
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