December 10, 2012
New Maize technique at SAC Crichton Royal
New maize technique helps to safeguard Crichton Royal Farm's forage production.

The project used ultra early crop variety Es Ardent

Despite atrocious conditions at harvest and a cold, wet growing season, a new maize production approach focused on very early drilling has delivered one otht e highest outputs of starch energy achieved at the Scottish Rural College's Crichton Royal Farm near Dumfries.

Es Ardent was sown at 38,000 seeds per acre (95,000 seeds per hectare) under bio-degradable plastic with an enhanced insecticide dressing applied.

Even in this bad year, the experiment with Es Ardent under plastic and early drilling has yielded 37.5 tonnes at 29% DM giving about eleven tonnes of dry matter per hectare - nearly 40% more than the wholecrop. And thats before you even factor in maize's considerably highter energy content.

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