A cover crop is grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil. Primarily it can manage soil erosion, fertility, soil quality, moisture retention, weeds, pests and diseases. Cover crops are varied to meet the needs of individual requirements. It is possible to select a short term duration right up to a long term crop lasting months or even years. Cover crops can provide benefits in rotations over a bare fallow. Use the cover crop selector below to help you choose.

It is important to select an appropriate cover crop to suit the needs of the farm, mixes can differ greatly providing a wide spectrum of uses. Cover crops also needed to be selected with a view to fitting farm practice, capabilities, expertise and available equipment. Cover Crops can be used in Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) of the Basic Farming Scheme and as an option in agri-environment schemes, providing, of course, they comply with the special regulations.

• Building Fertility and Organic Matter
• Improving Soil Structure
• Reducing Soil Erosion
• Weed Management

• Pest Management
• Creating Habitat
• Reducing Nutrient Loss
• Improving Water Quality
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