Clearfield OSR
Clearfield is a unique system for oilseed rape that combines hybrid seed varieties and high quality BASF herbicides for the most effective way to approach weed control in OSR.

Using conventional breeding techniques, varieties have been developed to tolerate Clearfield herbicides, so by applying a Clearfield herbicide like Cleranda or Cleravo to a Clearfield seed variety, OSR can thrive as weeds wither and die.

The result? Growers can use Clearfield as a management tool, bringing fields back into rotation and allowing oilseed rape to be grown profitably where it would be difficult or impossible to grow using any other system
Es Aquarel CL

Es Aquarel CL is currently in the NIABTAG Clearfield trials and has been tested in UK breeders trials using conventional herbicides. Es Aquarel is very early in maturity like Es Alegria allowing growers to harvest oilseed rape before wheat crops are ready to combine.

Wide row spacings (+ 25cm) provides better weed control in the field allowing the Clearfield herbicides to give full control of broadleaves weeds, volunteer cereals,charlock, volunteer OSR and hedge mustard that can cause oil purity problems
Key Clearfield benefits:

• Flexible post-emergence timings.
For best results target weeds at 1-4 True leaves. Typically 11-16 weeks after drilling.

• Wide range of weed control: Broadleaves weeds, volunteer cereals and importantly problem cruciferous weeds. e.g. charlock (high Erucic acid level), hedge mustard (high Erucic acid level), runch,volunteer OSR.

• Later application ensures full crop establishment and avoids peak labour requirements in early autumn.

• Less dependent on seedbed and trash conditions than pre-em or early post em herbicides.

Clearfield Brochure 2017 V2 (1Mb)
Agronomic factors:

• Ensure Dash adjuvant used. Apply 100l/ha water for good coverage.

• Avoid application of Cleranda after 15th October (metazachlor stewardship). Use Cleravo in late autumn.

• Avoid misapplication to non Clearfield crops.

• Control of Clearfield volunteers in following crops (reduce combine losses, use stale seedbeds techniques, use non ALS herbicide in following cereal crops).
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