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Grainseed Ltd is an independant breeders agent specialising in maize, oilseed rape, sunflower and gamecover seeds.
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We are able to give UK farmers access to varieties from a number of leading European breeders all of which have gone through our extensive 'Bred for Britain' trialling programme ensuring stable performance on farm under the UK's challenging climatic conditions.

Among our range are popular Winter Oilseed Rape varieties including farmer favourite Es Mambo and the early maturing, exceptionally vigorous
Es Alegria.
Popular maize varieties such as Es Picker, Es Ballade and Marco continue to give high yields of high quality silage on farm and new 'Bred for Britain' varieties such as Es Lovely and Es Cluedo are constantly being tested and introduced.
Grainseed's 'Bred for Britain' maize varieties are extensively tested across all areas of the UK
Grainseed's 'Bred for Britain' maize varieties are extensively tested across all areas of the UK
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At the heart of Grainseed Ltd’s operations is our state of the art processing plant in Eye at the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Here we have the facilities necessary to clean all major species of seed grown on farm today, from oilseed rape and linseed to cereals and pulses.

We are able to clean and certify early multiplication stocks, commercial seed stocks and farmers’ own stocks thanks to our extensive infrastructure and years of experience. Our qualified staff are able to mix and blend gamecover seeds and arable silage.

Our plant also has the inbuilt capability for dealing with large quantities of grain, guaranteeing a rapid turnaround while still ensuring seeds are cleaned to the standards required for commercial premiums.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to see if Grainseed Ltd can help you or if you are simply looking for impartial advice from a truly independant UK seed company.
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